Where being Vegan is simple. A world where you can walk into a restaurant and immediately know what options are Vegan without having to play 20-questions with the waiter! Imagine a world, where you can read reviews, view pictures, and find the best Vegan dishes around you. Over the past, year and a half we've built a platform for doing just that. 

Edible is trying to make that world become a reality.

We’re in the process of creating the world’s largest database of Vegan options. 

We’re not going to just show you restaurant recommendations. No, we’ll show you every menu item that you can eat. You’ll be able to find great Vegan options anywhere— even at non-Vegan restaurants.

If we, as a community, can make it easy to find great Vegan food, maybe we incentivize millions of other Americans to go Vegan as well.

But we need your help!

We can't launch this product if we can't show investors that this is something people want. Show your support by signing up below! Be sure to spread the word so we can launch this platform across the country. 

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You can read more about our Vegan philosophy here. In addition, you can see Edible in action right here