If you're reading this, you're a candidate for the Edible Experts program. We hope you'll apply to be one of these twenty individuals. 


What is the expert program? 

The Edible Experts program is an elite group of the 20 most influential food bloggers and critics for a given city. Each individual has a large web following. Usually 50,000+ Instagram/Web followers. 

how does it work?

As an E2 representative, your pictures and reviews for dishes are featured throughout the Edible app. 

What are the benefits?

All Edible Experts are featured on our web page and receive a special badge on their Edible profile so they can be identified by other users. This will drive large amounts of traffic to your Instagram and other social accounts generating an increase in your web following. 

 Members of the E2 program receive shirts, hoodies, and other swag. They are also invited to attend special E2 social gatherings throughout the year. 

how can i get involved?

Simple. Apply below and we'll have one of our content managers reach out and get you up to speed. 

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